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Portfolio Show

Each Spring, the School of Film offers a course in Portfolio and Professional Development which prepares graduating film production students for the job search.  The experience culminates in a portfolio show where students present their work and themselves as emerging professionals to the school community, alumni, peers, friends, family, and to established media professionals.

Xara Silva
Dominic Wilson-Carr
Ben Nelson
Kaylie Kneipp
Sal Petruzelli-Sample
Kara Moritz
Cambria Tingley
Katie Haymaker
Olivia Lee
Caty Jimenez
Micole Joyner-Cottle
Eric Bacon
Juliana Custer
Halo Hoffman
Christopher Reed
Jason De Leon
Luke Schweiger
Jack Nelson
Drew Crosby
Jake Thorsen
Dylan Erlebach
Drew Hill
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