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Video Essays


My name is Stephen Miller. I'm an aspiring filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas. I'm a sophomore student this semester. I love cinema and the arts.

Location, Location, Location

by Stephen Miller


William Britton is a freshman here at Portland State! Born and raised in the Portland area, he has been a lifelong fan of cinema and planning out his own movies, making storyboards with Post-It notes in the laundry room when he was four or five. He hopes to enter into the world of either pre or post-production.


by William Britton

Location, Location, Location

by Stephen Miller

The Fall of Cassius

by Kellen Vogt

Kellen Vogt.jpg

I'm Kellen Vogt, I'm a second year film student here at PSU, I'm originally from Puyallup, Washington, and I plan to do something involving cinematography for a career. Hope you enjoy this short essay!

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