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Branded Media

In Fall 2021, the PSU FILM Branded Media class partnered with the advocacy group Friends of Family Farmers and the non-profit organization Wild Diversity in the making of a series of student-produced branded videos.  During the term, students met with the clients to determine their needs as they related to the communication of the company's brand to their target audiences. Students managed all aspects of production from ideation to delivery including a pitch presentation where feedback from clients was integrated into the projects.

Friends of Family Farmers - Brand Stories

Student crews collaborated on (3) 90-second brand stories for Friends of Family Farmers and (5) 30-second social media promos for Wild Diversity.

Student participants: Eric Bacon, Grant Benesh, Grey Eastland, Dusty Golden-Collum, Michael Lampkin, Shane McNeill, Alicia Morales-Baca, Kelsey Morrell, Mayi Nadora, Leah Ng, Diego Sanchez, Eric Shelby, Vivian Veidt, and Michelle Zender.

Wild Diversity - Social Media Promos

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